Fluid Physicalities draft programme


Fluid Physicalities, day conference 10th March 2017.

Places are strictly limited to those who have signed up via the Eventbrite booking page.

9:45 – coffee and arrival


10-11:15 – Session 1 a.     Dimitris Papanikolaou (Oxford), ‘Wet communities, liquid people’

b.     Jose M. Yebra (Zaragoza), ‘Abject fluidities’

11:15-12.45 – Session 2 a.     Sophie Sexon and Rachel Sharpe (Glasgow), ‘Mother’s Milk and Bitches’ Blood; The Abject Horror of the Icon of the Female Body’

b.     Edwin Coomasaru (Courtauld), ‘The Politics of Semen and the Northern Irish Peace Process: Dudi Appleton’s The Most Fertile Man in Ireland (1999) and Steve McQueen’s Hunger (2008)’

c.     Freddie Mason (RCA), ‘Colloidal Thinking/Colloidal Feeling’

12:45-1 – Artist session 1


Benjamin Akira Lasker (Sydney), ‘Loo d’aisance’
1 – 1:30 – lunch [provided]


1:30-3 –Session 3 a.     Naomi Segal (Birkbeck), ‘Spending and starving: the hydraulics of André Gide’

b.     Sophie Jones (Leeds), ‘Depression sweat’

c.     Lisa Mullen (Oxford) ‘Milk as liquid labour in George Orwell’s Animal Farm

3-4:30 – Session 4 a. Hetta Howes (QMUL), ‘And forthwith came there out blood and water: fluid devotion in late medieval literature’

b.     Jonah Coman (St Andrews University), ‘The gore of the crucifixion in the late medieval imagination’

c.     Stephen Curtis, ‘”This Bleeding Piece of Earth”: Bloody Topography in Early Modern Culture’

4:30- 4:45 – Coffee break


4:45-5 – Artist session 2 Isabel Davis (Birkbeck) & Anna Burel ‘Conceiving histories’
5-6.15 –Session 5 a.     Eleanor Careless (Sussex), ‘Red flags: blood as protest

b.     Claire Horn (Birkbeck), ‘Blood after death’

6.15-7.30 – Wine reception and plenary


Laura Salisbury (Exeter), plenary lecture, ‘Diarrhoea: Thinking Through the Body’
7.30pm: close